Welcome to the [email protected] Information page. The purpose of this page is to provide schools, parents and Deaf education professionals involved in [email protected] with the information and resources required.

[email protected] is a new initiative (2014) and as it is implemented, it will grow and change to reflect the needs of deaf students, their parents/whānau and schools and any wider changes occurring within special education. This site will be regularly updated with new information over the next year for schools, parents and deaf education professionals. Please review regularly.

What is [email protected] and what is its purpose?

The purpose of the [email protected] is to support schools create learning environments so that deaf children, whose primary face-to-face language is New Zealand Sign Language achieve educationally at the same level as their hearing peers and are confident and secure in who they are as a deaf person. As a result, [email protected] provides a range of support to schools, deaf students and parents/whānau, in addition to any other special education support deaf students receive, to help schools understand and provide learning environments that meet the learning, communication and cultural needs of deaf students who use NZSL.

The information currently includes:

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Updated Sept 2015