What do we do?

ASSIST Specialist teachers give support and guidance to children with significant hearing loss, their families and schools. We co-ordinate services, provide information, assess and monitor educational progress and audiological needs. This is an ongoing service which is provided until the child leaves school.

Who do we help?

* Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students

* Families

* Teachers

* Paraprofessionals

What services can we provide?


* School assessments & progress

* Language

Language Hearing Assistive Equipment

* Hearing aids

* FM systems


* Audiology / Ear Nose Throat Specialist

* Resource Teacher of the Deaf

* Other services

Advice & Guidance

* School - SENCo; Class teacher; teacher aide

* Family Where do we provide these services?

* Home

* Schools

* Audiology Clinics

We liaise with:

* Audiologists

* Deaf Education Centres

* Resource Teachers of Deaf (RTDs)

* Ministry of Education Advisors on Deaf Children (AoDCs)

* Resource Teachers Learning and Behaviour (RTLBs)

* Other Ministry of Education specialist support - Occupational therapists; Physiotherapists; Speech-Language Therapists; Psychologists

* ENT/ORL specialists

* Parent Support Groups

* Pediatricians

* NZSL tutors

* Cochlear Implant Specialists

* NZ Federation of Deaf Children

* Public Health Nurses

* Other relevant agencies

For further information please contact ASSISTreferrals@kdec.school.nz